One Industry's Waste is Another Industry's Raw Material ----- If YOU are not Recycling then YOU are THROWING IT ALL AWAY !!!!

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Helping Maine Industry Minimize Waste through Industrial and Commercial REUSE and RECYCLING

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M2X is a match-making service for companies, businesses, organizations with excess materials and for companies, businesses,organizations and individuals who can make productive use of those wastes, by-products and materials.  M2X was developed to link generators wishing to dispose of "useful wastes",   we call it "STUFF"  with those who need or can utilize those materials.


M2X is a free service designed to help Maine Businesses reuse materials and find alternatives to throwing valuable materials into Maine Landfills and Incinerators. Listings are for materials that are "available" or materials that are "wanted". There is no fee to list a material, either as "wanted"or as "available".   M2X is a business information clearinghouse that helps businesses reuse valuable materials or wastes, rather than dispose of them. This web site can assist you in finding materials that your business can use, or in finding a new user for materials in your possession. If you are paying to dispose of materials that could be used by another business, or purchasing items that other businesses are throwing away, the Maine Materials Exchange is for you.


We hope that you will participate in this  service for Maine businesses. M2X can help you save money, find new markets, and conserve energy and resources.


For more information or questions, contact the Maine Materials Exchange (M2X) at or, or 207-865-6621 or Fax 207-865-6478 (manual connection) or at 93 Maquoit Drive, Freeport, Me. 04032


E-mail, Fax or mail your listings TODAY using the appropriate Appendix B -- Listing Form, in order to start sharing in the benefits offered by M2X.


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