One Industry's Waste is Another Industry's Raw Material ----- If YOU are not Recycling then YOU are THROWING IT ALL AWAY !!!!

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Definition of Client Levels:

Guest ---  (Visiting Client)

M2X WELCOMES VISITORS to our web site and encourages everyone to peruse and surf throughout the site and to explore our links to other informative sites.  In order to better understand and serve the M2X client base, we ask that you please identify yourself as a visiting Guest.

In order for an M2X Client to actually participate in an exchange of any materials listed on the Web Site Commodities listing  or for any future transactions which may originate through the M2X warehousing facility -- certain identifing information must be supplied to the M2X data base for record keeping.   This identifing data is the same for either a Patron (non-subscribing Client) or for an Associate ( full subscribing Client).  The benefits and  advantages for the Associate Client are obvious in the Financial Consideration Table - Appendix F

Patron:  Known as a "non-subscribing Client" this level of association with M2X has no up-front cost to the Client but has a slightly higher service fee for any exchanges which they may be involved in.  (Ref: Financial Consideration Table - Appendix F)  Registering at the Patron level is an excellant way to explore the services of M2X by particiating,  become involved and experiencing the services available essentially risk-free.

Associate:   Known as a "full subscribing Client" this level of association with M2X has a modest up-front cost to the Client based on the number of employees in the organization (the flat fee applies to Non-profits).  For that commitment the Associate enjoys  a lower service fee for any exchanges which they may be involved in,  (Ref: Financial Consideration Table - Appendix F).  Registering at the Associate level is the recommended level for organization who have larger or on-going item or material streams and who wish to utilize the services of M2X on a long term basis.

Click For an Electronic Submission of Appendix ID - Registration Form to become a Patron or Associate


Text format for hard copy printing, completing and mail/fax submission
to become a Patron or Associate.

Appendix ID - Registration Form                     Office Use Only
                                                                                                                 Code #________

Has your business ever registered with M2X before? o Yes o No
If yes! Do you know your Associate ID#_________________
                                            or Patron ID #________________

Name:_____________________________________________Date: ____________


City: _______________________________State:______Zip Code:___________

Type of Business:__________________________________________________
                                # of Employees___________________S.I.C. Code:______________________

Contact:___________________________ Title:_____________________________

Phone #: _____-_____-________ Ext. _____ ; Fax #:_____-_____- _________ ;

Toll Free #: 800- _____- _________; e-mail address: ________________________


This Company/Organization/Individual:

Wishes to be: o A Subscribing Associate   o A Non-Subscribing Patron -- For listing / exchanging commodities via the M2X WebSite/Newsletter and/or submitting for exchange, sale, donation commodities via the M2X WebSite/Newsletter and/or purchasing, exchanging commodities via the M2X Warehouse.

Wishes to be considered as:   (check all that apply.)

oA Buyer o A Broker o A Dealero A Recycler/Re-user o A Non-Profit --- For making purchases or participating in exchanges from the M2X Newsletter and/or the M2X Warehouse Facility.
The organization's Maine State Sales Tax Number is:___________________

Has participated in one or more of the following Waste Minimization/Source Reduction/Pollution Prevention Programs: (check all that apply.)

o WasteCap Assessment Program; o ECM-CTT Assessment Program; o Me. DEP Pollution Prevention Program; o Uof Me. Industrial Assessment Program; o Any other waste minimization/source reduction/P2 program - (please specify) _________________________________________________________________

On the reverse side of this form, please disclose any Environmental Regulatory Actions o current, o pending, or o past which involve commodities which might be offered for sale or exchange via the Maine Materials Exchange.


Release Agreement:

The undersigned agrees to release M2X and its staff, sponsors, directors and advisors from any claim, liability, obligation, or responsibility resulting from, pursuant to, or connected to the listing of materials, sale or exchange of materials, purchase of materials, or any other matter related to the Maine Materials Exchange.

_____________________________________              _____________________
Authorized Signature                                                                      Date
_____________________________________   __________________________
Print Name                                                                       Title
For Assistance completing this form or for other information, Call M2X @ 207-865-6621



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