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 Electronic Appendix B - Available Listings
Appendix B Available

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Appendix A - Codes
Electronic Appendix B - Available Listings
Electronic Appendiz B- Wanted Listings

Electronic Listing form

Appendix B - Available Materials
Listing Form

Contact Information:


First Name
Last Name

IF you have previously registered your organization with the Maine Materials Exchange and know your Associate or Patron ID# 

Enter it here   or   I have previously registered but

IF registered as an Associate or Patron you need not fill in any further contact information unless something has changed.  Please Go Directly to the listing information portion below.
IF you registered as a Quest ---- please continue with contact informnation.

Address-PO Box
Type of Business
S.I.C. code
Toll Free #
(optional info)

Web Site

Mobile / Cellular #
2nd Contact  First Name
2nd Contact  Last Name
2nd Contact  Title
Number of Employees
Sales Tax Number


Listing Information:

Submit one item/material per submission: Reset this listing form as needed for additional submissions.

Commodity Classification Code Number:

Name of Item / Material being Listing  (Limit of 25 Charactors)

Name: Quantity:
Lister's Item Asset Number

This Listing is being offered as a:     No Charge      Price Negotible

Donation to M2X              Pre-Priced at $/   Exchange.

Primary Material to be listed:
     {generic name / main usable constituent }
  (Limit of 50 Charactors)

     {Provide detailed information as you wish to have it appear in the web site listing: include information such as condition, sizes, packaging, detail on amounts, contamination, etc.}
(Limit of 250 Charactors)

This Supply of Material / Item is: 

One Time Availability    On-Going Availability

Present Quantity Available is:

is the declared wgt.

is the Declared Value in Dollars $$$ per
based on

Future Quantity Available is:

per    declared wgt.

is the Declared Value in Dollars $$$ per
based on

Available to Intertested Parties:

Samples; Lab Analysis; MSDS; Photo; Equip. Specs.; Manual

Other Information: (optional)

Town of Item or Material Location
Process that generates the material
Potential or Intended Reuses

Release Agreement:

The undersigned (by pressing the submit listing button) acknowledges to having read and agree to the terms of the DISCLAIMER and furthermore agrees to release M2X and its staff, sponsors, directors and advisors from any claim, liability, obligation, or responsibility resulting from, pursuant to, or connected to the listing of materials or any other matter related to the Maine Materials Exchange.

  e-mail address:

Submitted this Date:

Via the above e-mail address, a re-confirmation of this listing will be requested which must be responded to prior to the listing being activated.
To avoid re-confirmation - a completed hard copy of this form may be mailed to M2X at 93 Maqouit Dr. Freeport, Me. 04032 or Faxed to 207-865-6478



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