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A Response to any ad or listing on the Maine Materials Exchange (M2X) web site or to request for more information is free and is accomplished by completing Appendix R - Response Form.

The  Response Form (Appendix R - Response Form) can be completed and submitted electronically by e-mail OR  it can be printed into hard copy from this Link to text format for hard copy printing and then completed and faxed or mailed  to M2X.  

Note: Please fill out a separate form for each listing ad for materials in which you have interest or questions,  and be sure to include the Ad Listing Code Number, either wanted (W- 00???)or available (A-00???).   Do not mix requests for more than one ad or more than one material on any single form. There is no charge for your request(s).

Please Also Note: All transactions are governed by the Disclaimer and submission of listings via the listing Forms B or requests via Form R, are considered to be confirmation that you have read the Disclaimer and agree.  

For further information Contact: Harold E. Arndt, M2X Program Director at 93 Maquoit Dr., Freeport, ME 04032;  Phone 207-865-6621, Fax 207-865-6478  or e-mail:



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