One Industry's Waste is Another Industry's Raw Material ----- If YOU are not Recycling then YOU are THROWING IT ALL AWAY !!!!

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M2X Entering Second Year of the Operation of the Richmond Warehouse
The Maine Materials Exchange (M2X), (a non-profit organization) is excited to be entering the second year of operating the warehouse at Richmond, Me. which has been helping businesses, industry (and individuals) in Maine exchanges surpluses, over-runs, scrap, outdated, off-market and no-longer needed “Stuff”, as alternatives to throwing “Stuff” into a dumpster for destructive deposit at a landfill or incinerator. M2X is a GREAT PLACE to find that inexpensive “Whatever” that you would like / could use but do not have cash flow for. PLUS M2X is a great place to send your unwanted “Stuff” and avoid the disposal costs. Contact Harold Arndt via this web site for details.

Second Annual Fall / Winter Sale and Auction
The Maine Materials Exchange is very excited to announce the second annual Fall / Winter Sale and Auction to be held at the M2X Warehouse in Richmond, Maine on December 5th and 6th.

Directions to the M2X Warehouse
in the Town of Richmond, Me
-- Take Exit 26 off I-95 go east on Route 197 toward
Richmond for 3 miles. The M2X Warehouse is in the large gray building on the
right just before the school zone".

Expanded On-line Listing of Materials in the Warehouse AND Photographs
A Most Important Addition to the M2X Sale and Auction (and the everyday activity at M2X!) is the ability for you to see on-line the items available for exchange at the warehouse via the recently operational on-line data base listing by category of all the “STUFF” to be found at the M2X Richmond Warehouse. Also specific pictures and general pictures of the items and warehouse have been added as a visual element to the data base. A PICTURE is worth a “thousand words” – is the saying!
The volunteer staff of M2X are very busy making the final preparations for the Dec. 5th & 6th sale and auction. It is not to late to contact them If you have “Stuff” that you would like to “get rid of” during this Fall / Winter Sale. Contact Harold E. Arndt, Director of M2X at: OR at : 93 Maquoit Dr., Freeport, Me. OR at: 207-865-6621.

REMEMBER --- The Mission of M2X is to conserve natural resources and assets through reuse and recycling and avoid destructive disposal until “Stuff” is used up / spent.


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